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We guarantee you'll secure a job earning at least $65K per year.


Uniquely crafted for professionals with 5-15 years of industry experience, this package also caters explicitly to specialized roles such as IT project managers with PMP certification, master's degree-qualified nurses, educators, and professors. Regardless of whether your professional experience falls short of, or within the 5-15 year range, this package is purpose-built to meet your distinct professional needs.


Target Audience

  • Professionals with 5-15 years of experience or specialized roles (e.g., IT project managers, nurses, educators).


Services Included

  • Career alignment
  • Job placement assistance
  • LinkedIn enhancement
  • Resume distribution
  • Job search support
  • Interview training



Secure targeted job within 120 days or full refund.


Key Selling Points

Leverages mid-level professional's experience for career progression, helps specialized roles stand out.


(Resume purchase from us within the past 30 days is required)

Mid-Level and Specialized Professional Placement


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