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What To Expect From Your Resume Consultation

Congratulations on taking the next step for your career! During the call, your resume writer will learn about your career goals, discuss resume strategy, and answer any questions you may have.


This is not a sales call! We never push you to purchase a product or suggest placing an order during this call. Our resume writers never use any sales tactics during this call, this Free Consultation call was put in place to answer your questions only and that is what we focus on.

This may be your first time with one of our resume writers, so we listed some tips below to help you with the next steps of this resume writing process.

Here are some questions that we may ask you to identify your unique career needs:

What types of positions will you be applying for?

What are your top 3 career accomplishments?

What are your top 4-5 main work related duties?

What in your resume needs the most improvement?

Are you relocating, changing industries, or targeting roles above your current experience?

What types of companies are you interested in?

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