Our mission is to deliver an individualized resume carefully crafted to meet your goals while keeping our packages as simple and as affordable as possible. ​

Our team consists of a hand-picked group of experienced resume writers who are each accredited by the PARW/CC, a group that requires a rigorous training process before one can become a CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer). In addition to the certification, our writers also have hiring/management experience and an in-depth knowledge of many career fields and industries.

We conduct an extensive research in your specific market & strategize your product for maximum result.

Your resume is written by a certified resume writer specialized in your field.

Once drafted, your resume goes to our recruitment team for recruitment friendly editting & SEO optimization.

How it works

Choose your resume product, proceed to the check out page and complete your purchase.

Upon receiving your payment, we will match you with one of our certified resume writers.

You will receive an email with instruction to upload your resume/fill the questionnaire.

Your resume writer will begin handcrafting your new resume and will contact you to discuss your objectives over the phone.

within 3 business days, you are emailed a copy of your brand new resume. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Resume Formats

Resumes are generally presented in one of three formats: chronological, functional or a combination of both. Which format you choose will depend, in part, on the type of work you have performed and whether or not you are going to continue in the same field.


  • Chronological resumes list work experience according to date, with the current job appearing first. Chronological resumes work well if your career has been progressive and you plan to continue in the same line of work.

  • Functional resumes are organized by the skills you have used on the job. Functional resumes work well if you are contemplating a new career, do not have a lengthy work history, or have held a number of different positions because they sell your abilities based on the skills you have acquired throughout your career. Be sure to include relevant volunteer experience.

  • Combination resumes both describe your work experience and highlight your skills. Combination resumes usually provide the most comprehensive overview of your career.


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