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Job Placement

Unlock Your Future with Our Guaranteed Job Placement Services!

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Risk-Free Career Advancement: Our Job Placement Services Guarantee Your Success or Your Money Back!

Premium Service Packages Custom-Made for Your Career Journey.

At ResumeYourWay, our foremost commitment is to fuel your professional success. To fulfill this goal, we've carefully crafted and designed our Job Placement Service packages with industry best practices in mind, guaranteeing you a smooth and efficient career progression journey. For an optimum outcome, it's essential that you have purchased a resume from us within the last 30 days of signing up for our job placement services.

Our service provides an array of unmatched benefits:

Access to unadvertised job openings, providing you a competitive edge.

Skill and goal alignment with the perfect job.

Confidential job searches, eliminating the uncertainty of sending your resume into the void.

Direct links to employers, bolstering your application with strong recommendations and references.

Exclusive insights into undisclosed opportunities.

A clear understanding of your standing relative to other candidates.

Comprehensive knowledge about various opportunities.

Up-to-date market intelligence, including salary ranges for different roles.

Candid feedback on your expectations.

Access to our extensive network of employers.

Ongoing job advice and support – many of our recruiters maintain relationships with candidates for years, always keeping them in mind when the ideal opportunity arises.


Payment options through Affirm are subject to eligibility, may not be available in all states, and are provided by these lending partners: CA residents: Loans by Affirm Loan Services, LLC are made or arranged pursuant to a California Finance Lenders Law license.

Entry-Level and Internship Placement

We guarantee you'll secure a job earning at least $45K per year.


Our entry-level package is custom-crafted for individuals launching their careers or with less than five years of professional experience. This also serves as the ultimate package for those stepping into the exciting realm of internships, aimed at translating academic knowledge into practical industry skills.

If you're just starting out, you may find the job market overwhelming. That's where we step in - to help you navigate this terrain with confidence and clarity. Our personalized career coaching involves a deep dive into understanding your professional aspirations, strengths, and unique selling points. We guide you in mapping your career trajectory, identifying industry trends, and aligning your skills with the job market requirements.

For those seeking internships, we realize the value this holds in kick-starting your career. We provide exhaustive support throughout the application process, ensuring you showcase your potential effectively. Our expert guidance extends to identifying viable internship opportunities that match your career goals, and we prepare you meticulously for interviews to help you make that first, impressive impact.

As part of this comprehensive package, we provide a LinkedIn profile makeover, ensuring your online presence is compelling and aligned with industry expectations. We give you access to a curated list of potential employers, and arm you with strategic job search tactics, enhancing your visibility in the competitive entry-level job market.

Entry-Level and Internship Placement

Price - $1500


Secure your first job or internship placement within 120 days or receive a full refund. With ResumeYourWay, we ensure your career starts on a promising note. We're not just a service provider, we are your partners in success.

Mid-Level and Specialized Professional Placement

We guarantee you'll secure a job earning at least $65K per year.


Uniquely crafted for professionals with 5-15 years of industry experience, this package also caters explicitly to specialized roles such as IT project managers with PMP certification, master's degree-qualified nurses, educators, and professors. Regardless of whether your professional experience falls short of, or within the 5-15 year range, this package is purpose-built to meet your distinct professional needs.

If you're a mid-level professional, our suite of services is designed to leverage your robust experience and skillset, propelling your career onto the next level. We focus on aligning your career goals with market opportunities, positioning you for growth within your industry or potential transition into a new one.

For those in specialized roles, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities your positions present. Whether you're a project manager, nurse, educator, or professor, our targeted strategies and coaching are designed to amplify your niche expertise, making you stand out in your respective fields.

As part of this comprehensive package, you'll benefit from a full LinkedIn profile enhancement to ensure your online presence mirrors your professional growth and ambitions. We provide tailored job placement assistance, including strategic resume distribution and thorough job search support. Additionally, we equip you with the necessary tools and confidence to excel in both behavioral and technical interviews.

Mid-Level and Specialized Professional Placement

Price - $2500


Secure your targeted job placement within 120 days or receive a full refund. At ResumeYourWay, we don't just commit to your career success, we guarantee it.

Senior-Level and Specialized Professional Placement

We guarantee you'll secure a job earning at least $90K per year.

Our custom-designed package caters specifically to seasoned professionals boasting a noteworthy tenure of 15-25 years in their respective industries. Additionally, individuals holding specialized roles such as engineers, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners are expected to opt for this package, irrespective of their years of experience, to best cater to their distinctive professional needs.

For professionals with extensive industry experience, this package provides a suite of services designed to highlight your leadership skills and market longevity. With personalized leadership training and high-level career coaching, we aid you in making strategic career decisions and effectively managing transitions.

For the specialized roles, we understand the unique requirements and challenges of your position. Therefore, we offer sector-specific strategies, career coaching, and guidance to help you leverage your specialized skills and experience effectively.

An integral part of this package is a LinkedIn profile transformation to ensure your online presence mirrors your professional prowess and career aspirations. We also offer expert assistance in devising effective networking strategies to widen your industry connections and amplify your visibility in the job market.

With our seasoned experts accompanying you on this journey, we aim to enhance your executive presence, streamline career transitions, and empower you to navigate the intricate job market with confidence and ease.

Senior-Level and Specialized Professional Placement

Price - $3500


Obtain your desired job placement within 120 days or receive a full refund. At ResumeYourWay, our unwavering commitment to your success is demonstrated by our confidence in your professional progression.

C-Level, Leadership, and Healthcare Professional Placement

We guarantee you'll secure a job earning at least $150K per year.


Our top-tier package is thoughtfully curated to cater to the distinct needs of elite C-Level executives, influential board members, and highly-skilled medical professionals, such as doctors, dentists, physical therapists, pharmacists, chiropractors, and optometrists.

For C-Level executives and board members, this package is designed to maximize your impact and visibility. Our industry-leading services include a LinkedIn profile transformation, exclusive board placement assistance, and advanced executive networking strategies. We also offer strategic career planning and premier executive branding services to enhance your professional image and cement your leadership presence in the industry.

For medical professionals, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities in your sector. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs, helping you navigate through the complexities of your profession, securing top-tier positions, and negotiating lucrative compensation packages that reflect your expertise and value.

Regardless of the stage of your career journey, this package provides the full spectrum of our expertise. We include a comprehensive LinkedIn profile makeover, expert-guided networking strategies, strategic career planning, and high-end executive branding services, coupled with negotiation tactics to secure beneficial compensation packages.

C-Level, Leadership, and Healthcare Professional Placement

Price - $7000


Achieve your dream position within 180 days or receive a full refund. At ResumeYourWay, we dedicate ourselves to propel your leadership journey and expedite your professional growth. Our commitment underscores the trust and confidence we have in your success.

Our Job Placement Service

Embark on your transformative journey today, and turn your professional dreams into a rewarding reality with ResumeYourWay.

Your Role in our Collaborative Success

Our Job Placement Service is a partnership, and your active involvement is pivotal to its success. Every week, you will receive a tailored set of tasks designed to expedite your career journey. These tasks will require a commitment of 2 to 5 hours per week, depending on your chosen package, involving engagements with your coaches, strategic planning, and continuous refinement of your personal brand.

Our Commitment to You

While we shoulder the majority of the work - conducting extensive research, reaching out to potential employers, networking with industry leaders, and ceaselessly refining our strategies - your proactivity and dedication remain crucial catalysts for achieving your career goals.

Flexible Payment Solutions

In partnership with Affirm, we offer flexible installment payment options, allowing you to concentrate on your career trajectory without financial stress. Our job placement guarantee assures you of either securing your dream job or receiving a full refund after only four or six monthly installments. This guarantee reflects our absolute confidence in our services and unyielding dedication to your career advancement.

Unleash your Potential with ResumeYourWay

Commence your career journey with us today. We offer expert guidance, unwavering support, and the essential tools to fulfill your career aspirations.

How We Work to Empower You

Our approach is unique because it begins with you. We delve deep into understanding not only your qualifications and resume but also your experiences, interests, and career aspirations. Through collaboration, we help you envision your ideal career opportunity and then work tirelessly to make it a reality.


At ResumeYourWay, Inc., we pride ourselves on building enduring, meaningful relationships with our clients and candidates. More than two-thirds of our business stems from loyal clients who rely on us to overcome their most challenging career hurdles. Likewise, many of our successful placements refer others, delighted with their new career milestones.

Fine Print

'Job Placement' as referred to in the context of the services provided by ResumeYourWay means that the client has either started working in a job position or has successfully accepted a job offer. The start date of the job might vary due to the client's personal commitments or life circumstances and is not considered in the guarantee. We strive to synchronize job placement with our client's individual needs and schedules.


Refunds are provided if job placement (as defined above) is not achieved within the specified timeframe for each package, provided that the client has completed all necessary components of our program and complied with the responsibilities outlined in "Your Role in Our Partnership" section.

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