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Job Winning Resume Writing Services

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We guarantee you'll secure a job earning at least $45K per year.


Our entry-level package is custom-crafted for individuals launching their careers or with less than five years of professional experience. This also serves as the ultimate package for those stepping into the exciting realm of internships, aimed at translating academic knowledge into practical industry skills.


Target Audience

  • Individuals with less than 5 years of experience or seeking internships.


Services Included

  • Career coaching
  • Internship application support
  • LinkedIn profile makeover
  • Curated list of potential employers
  • Job search tactics



Secure first job/internship within 120 days or full refund.


Key Selling Points

Helps navigate job market for new entrants, ensures alignment with industry trends, comprehensive support for internships. 


(Resume purchase from us within the past 30 days is required)

Entry-Level and Internship Placement


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