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Susan is a seasoned executive resume writer with over 25 years of accomplished service in the corporate world. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the University of Michigan and a second Bachelor’s in Communications from Northwestern University, Susan brings a unique fusion of strategic business acumen and articulate communication to her role at ResumeYourWay.

She joined our team in 2020, capitalizing on her expansive understanding of the corporate sector to assist clients in crafting powerful, executive-level resumes that meet the distinct demands of the industry. Prior to joining ResumeYourWay, Susan navigated various roles within Fortune 500 companies, gaining invaluable experience that now empowers her to assist clients in securing high-level positions. A keen hiker and an admirer of nature, Susan often spends her free time exploring the great outdoors, drawing inspiration from the natural world around her. Her love for nature also extends to gardening, where she enjoys nurturing plants and creating her backyard oasis.

As a proud mother of three, Susan balances her professional commitments with her family life, ensuring neither lacks her dedication and attention. Her collective professional expertise, educational background, and personal commitment make her a treasured asset to our team.

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