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Michael is a dedicated Accounting Support specialist at ResumeYourWay. His comprehensive understanding of financial principles, combined with an eye for detail, enables him to provide sound financial advice and accounting services to our clients, helping them maintain their financial health.

Michael graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Pennsylvania State University and is a certified Public Accountant. This blend of academic achievement and professional certification equips him with a thorough understanding of financial trends and account management.

Therefore, Michael is proficient in managing client billing, ensuring financial compliance, and providing fiscal guidance to help clients better manage their resources.
In his free time, Michael enjoys unwinding with a good book, often immersing himself in mystery novels. He’s also a keen chess player and enjoys the challenge and strategy involved in the game. Michael’s financial expertise, academic background, and personal interests make him an essential member of the ResumeYourWay team, contributing significantly to its financial health and efficiency

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