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Kimberly is a Certified Professional Resume Writer with more than 15 years of experience in the IT and project management field. She loves helping job seekers create compelling resumes that showcase their unique skills and strengths, enabling them to land their dream jobs.

When Kimberly isn't crafting perfect resumes, she enjoys taking long walks while listening to her favorite books. Cooking is also one of her passions and she loves creating new recipes that tickle the taste buds. Kimberly's commitment to helping job seekers find success is evident in her work. She carefully listens to each person's story and helps them create a resume that speaks volumes about their talents and abilities.

Kimberly's qualifications include a Master's degree in Communication and an undergraduate degree in Finance from Ohio State University. She has extensive knowledge and experience in the resume writing industry, which she utilizes to help her clients find their dream job. Kimberly is committed to going above and beyond for each of her clients, taking the time to understand their individual stories and goals.

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