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Joseph is a pivotal figure at ResumeYourWay Inc., a veteran-owned organization he co-founded alongside his wife, Maryam.

As a retired Army veteran, Joseph brings to our team and clients an impressive track record that includes 29 years of combined experience in the military and federal government sectors. His dual bachelor's degrees in Business Administration and Computer Information Systems, along with his MBA, further enhance his breadth of knowledge. Joseph's deep expertise extends beyond his substantial professional experience, reflected in his in-depth comprehension of military transition resumes. This blend of practical experience and academic achievement in both business and tech fields, truly makes his contributions invaluable to our team.

Although Joseph has transitioned from an active role at ResumeYourWay, his influence continues to resonate throughout our operations. His firsthand experience with the unique challenges faced by transitioning service members informs our strategies, making our services relevant and effective for their career transitions. He remains our expert advisor on all things military, allowing us to bridge the gap between military service and civilian careers.

Outside his professional realm, Joseph is a devoted father to four beautiful children. Following his retirement from the Army, he pursued a passion for baking through culinary training. This hobby has grown into a cherished family activity that enables him to bond with his children over delectable homemade treats. In the House family kitchen, Joseph is the resident baker, perfectly complementing Maryam’s cooking expertise. Their family is lovingly rounded out by their cherished dog, Chocolate. From his distinguished military service to his significant contributions to ResumeYourWay, to his role as a dedicated father, Joseph’s journey reflects a blend of commitment, resilience, and love. His ongoing influence serves as a constant source of inspiration to our organization.

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