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Isabella is a dynamic Corporate Marketing Manager at ResumeYourWay. Her exceptional interpersonal skills and profound understanding of sales strategies make her instrumental in driving business growth and ensuring our clients receive outstanding service.

Isabella earned her Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines, and is a certified Sales Leadership professional. This amalgamation of academic excellence and leadership training empowers her to lead a high-performing sales team, oversee client relationships, and strategically improve sales operations. As a result, Isabella excels in driving sales targets, nurturing client relationships, and pioneering innovative sales approaches that keep ResumeYourWay at the forefront of the industry.

When Isabella isn’t leading marketing initiatives, she spends her time exploring the outdoors. She often embarks on adventurous trails, appreciating the tranquility and challenge that comes with it. Isabella also has a keen interest in painting, where she translates her experiences into colorful and expressive artworks.

Isabella’s professional competence, educational accomplishments, and enriching hobbies make her a key part of the ResumeYourWay team, adding significant value to our marketing performance and client relations.

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