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Ely joined our team in 2022 and quickly became an integral part of our operation with her commitment to providing outstanding service and her ever-present willingness to assist our clients.

She genuinely cares about every individual she interacts with, ensuring they receive the best possible support as they navigate their career journey.

But there's more to Ely than just her exemplary work ethic. She is an intellectually curious individual, holding a Master's degree in Health Science from the University of Toronto. Ely has always had a love for learning and proudly graduated with a 4.0 GPA, something she cheekily refers to as her 'nerd' credential.

Ely shares her life with her husband and their adored pet, Bella, who she lovingly calls their 'princess'. Every action Bella makes is considered utterly adorable by Ely, adding that spark of joy to her day.

Outside of work, Ely has a passion for traveling, camping, and watching thriller movies. She adores Barcelona, but Italy holds a special place in her heart as her dream destination. When she's not on the go, Ely can often be found listening to her favorite music, letting the melodies carry her away.

We're fortunate to have Ely as part of our team. Her passion, dedication, and warmth have significantly enriched our customer service, making ResumeYourWay an even better partner for all our clients' career needs.

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