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Professional Resume Writing Service

Federal Resume Deals

Your federal resume can be your most powerful tool for showcasing the value you offer to potential employers. We help you make it EASY to get hired!

Federal Resume Deal

You are in good hands with ResumeYourWay. Our team of professional writers have expertise in more than 75 industries. 


Need a Federal Resume?

Our Federal Resumes are designed to help you stand out in today's Federal hiring environment, double your interviews, and land that dream job.

100% of Our Writers are Based in the United States

All of our clients work with U.S.-based writers. Local staffing is a key component to successful outcomes. Our professional resume writers have deep experience in the U.S. job market. Our professional writers have experience writing resumes in all major industries and professions, and at all career levels.

85% of our writers are veterans with extensive knowledge of Federal Govt. and Military Transition requirements.

We are owned and led by 100% service Disbled Veteran.


A professionally-written Federal resume. 4-5 business day turnaround. Within minutes after ordering, your resume project will be assigned to a dedicated team who will reach out to you within 24 hours to discuss your project.

Professional Resume Writing Service

How It Works


Choose your resume product, proceed to the checkout page and complete your purchase.


There are no hidden fees or additional charges, you pay $99 or $199 which ever combo deal you choose.


You will receive an email with instruction to upload your resume / fill the questionnaire.


If you do not feel like speaking to anyone over the phone, text your order number to 571-455-7775 and we will text you instead.


Within 24 hours of placing an order, a certified Resume Writer will reach out to discuss your project.


3 Business Days Turnaround

Federal vs. Private Sector Resumes

Federal resumes differ from civilian resumes used in the private sector with regard to both content and purpose.

  • Federal resumes 

    • multiple pages long

    • detailed description of work experience and qualifications

    • used to determine if you meet requirements/qualifications for a job announcement. Be sure to list all your experiences (including non-paid).

  • Private sector resumes 

    • generally limited to two pages 

    • brief summary of work history

    • used as a marketing tool to get an interview

In the Federal Government, your resume is your application. There may be an additional component called an assessment questionnaire. The assessment questionnaire asks you to rank yourself on your qualities necessary to do the job being advertised. It must support the experiences listed in your resume.

Resume Content

Resumes must thoroughly describe how your skills and experiences align to the criteria in the job announcement. It must also support your responses to the assessment questionnaire. To do this, we make sure to include detailed examples in your resume. Govt. agencies operate under various federal employment laws, rules, and regulations. They are prohibited from drawing conclusions or making assumptions regarding your experience or qualifications so your resume must be as detailed and as comprehensive as possible.


Why Us?

We know how to read and translate Federal vacancy announcements. We develop and articulate individual government resume packages, complete with appropriate keywords, focusing on your key strengths, core competencies, and major accomplishments, to meet the criteria of open announcements – strongly qualifying you against established ranking factors.


Applications range from hard-copy, full blown multi page resumes with Federal elements (supervisor’s name and phone); to short, 3,000 characters per job entry or 20,000 characters per resume (including Federal elements).

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