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Jack is a Certified Career Strategist at ResumeYourWay, where he empowers our clients to achieve their professional aspirations.

As a holder of a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from UCLA and an experienced English tutor, Jack employs a unique blend of financial acumen and superior communication skills to aid clients in crafting compelling resumes and navigating their career paths. In his role, Jack prides himself on delivering tailored career coaching services that enable our clients to secure their desired roles in a competitive job market. His nuanced understanding of career planning and his proven resume writing techniques have become instrumental in turning our clients' dream jobs into reality. Beyond his professional commitments, Jack is an outdoor enthusiast who relishes hiking and golfing. These activities, coupled with his passion for virtual reality gaming, provide a healthy work-life balance, allowing him to recharge and bring his best self to our clients every day.

Jack's focus on community and connection extends to his personal life too, as he treasures spending quality time with his friends and family. With his dedication to client success, educational credentials, and multifaceted interests, Jack is an invaluable asset to the ResumeYourWay team.

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