How ResumeYourWay helped my son.

My son Giovani had worked as hard as he could for this job. He was a civil engineer and knew that he was very good at his job. But the company he worked for didn’t care how good he was. They only cared how much revenue he brought in. And lately, that hadn’t been much. His pitches for perspective projects were turned down by the State Department of Transportation because another company could do the job for cheaper and faster.

Giovani knew that their suggestion was ludicrous. It would be shoddy work and the Department of Transportation would have to deal with issues again as soon as next year. This is what made him even angrier. They knew all this, they had experts to tell them what was best but they didn’t listen and Giovani had to pay for it.

And he did. After 6 months of rejected proposals and threats from the company owner, he was fired. He could hear the words of his old boss playing over in his head. “Just cut some corners so we can have a lower cost. We need this project!” But Giovani had stood his ground. What his boss had suggested was unsafe and Giovani didn’t want his name attached to anything that was subpar.

He tried to remember that as he left the office for the last time. When he got home he told his wife the news. She felt bad for him but was happy that he no longer had to work for such a bad company. He spent the next few months applying to every engineering firm he could find. He called them to check on the status of his application but kept hearing the same thing from all of them. “As soon as we look over your application we will call you.”

He knew that wasn’t true. He knew that they had already looked it over and that they said that to people until they gave up. He almost did. After 3 months of being unemployed, he had long since stopped getting dressed in the morning and usually spent the afternoons watching TV, surfing the web or designing projects on his laptop.

One day, he was looking for job openings and had no luck. The same positions he had applied for remained open but he never received a call back. Out of frustration, he decided to call one of the companies he had call so many times and was going to demand an answer. After being transferred to about 4 different people, he ended up on the line with an exasperated hiring manager.

“Hello?” She said.

“Hello, my name is Giovani Ortelli and I submitted my resume for your civil engineering position over three months ago. I notice that the position is still open and I want to know why I have not been considered.” He said frankly. He was far past the point of being nice.

“Well, to be quite honest Mr. Ortelli, your resume did not grab our attention. For one thing, you don’t list the projects you have worked on and for another thing, its formatting is barely intelligible. That is why. Good day.” She said and she hung up. He couldn’t blame her, he had been pretty brash on the phone. He pulled up his resume and looked it over. It did need some work but he had no clue where to start. After looking up resume samples online he stumbled upon They offered a service to completely reformat his resume and he could sit back and relax. He sent it over immediately.

In less than 24 hours, he received it back and he could barely recognize it. It was really quite spectacular. His projects were now listed and everything looked much clearer. Then curiosity got the best of him and he decided to reapply to all the positions he had found with his new resume. Within a week, he had set up 4 interviews at different engineering firms and was offered a great position at a reputable firm. His new boss appreciated his integrity with his designs and supported him when he submitted proposals for various projects. Within a year, Giovani was bringing in the most amount of money for his firm and didn’t have to sacrifice the quality of his work.

The owner of the company took notice and, with the encouragement of Giovani’s boss, he asked Giovani to submit an update resume to him for a possible promotion. Once again, Giovani turned to the people at and trusted them with his resume. After a day, he had his resume updated with all his new projects. He submitted it to the owner and was promptly promoted to a position he had been working towards for his entire career.

Looking back, he could see that it was never a question of how talented and hardworking he was. It was just a matter of relaying that on paper in the form of an amazing resume.

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