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Our Guarantee to You

Don't over pay for your resume!

At ResumeYourWay, we over have 19 years of Federal and 14 years of Military experience!
We have a team of highly qualified certified resume writers and a team of hiring professionals who will first write and customize your resume, then will check it again once drafted to reformat its content for SEO optimization and recruiter friendly keywords.
We constantly shop the market to learn our competitors. You may not have noticed, but we challenge you to take a second look at those fancy priced federal & civilian packages on our competitor websites. Most of them are trying to get the applicants purchase Cover Letters from them for Government openings! --- You should NOT submit a cover letter for Federal vacancies unless your job is specifically asking for it. 
We will draft your resume according to the job postings you want to apply for and we will do all the research for you then will provide you with our expert feedback. We will craft you a unique, keyword-optimized resume and expert solutions to help you enhance your career and achieve your goals.
No professional resume writing firm can 100% guaranty that you will get the job you want and if you come across one that does, run. Seriously. However, at ResumeYourWay we will give you a guarantee that is solid and one of a kind since we came up with it ourselves. You probably won’t come across such commitment on any other Resume Writing website.
Our commitment to you is that if after 3 revisions, you still did not like the resume we drafted for you and decided to use a different writing service instead, and we will refund your entire purchase completely.
Unlike other resume writing services out there, we don’t ask for unrealistic disclaimers either.
Here is what we need from you in order to process your refund:
  • A credit card statement that shows your purchase from a resume writing service other than us.
  • Your new purchase must have been made within 15 days of the third revision at Resumeyourway.
  • Your new purchase should cost no less than 90% of your order price at ResumeYourWay.