Every interview requires a sales pitch—and you’re the hot commodity up for grabs. If you want to land the sale, you must stand out from all the other products on the market. Sure, you could take the Billy Mays approach and proclaim your problem-solving prowess in a loud, impassioned manner.

You could also drape yourself in bling like one of hip-hop’s brashest rappers. Neither approach is likely to garner the result you desire. Instead, consider the following ways in which ResumeYourWay will help you set yourself apart.

Know who you are dealing with

Ask thoughtful, informed questions.

Tell them a story

Prove your worth

Show some enthusiasm

At ResumeYourWay, Our career coach will look at you objectively and strive to empower you to take the necessary actions to achieve your goals.  While the people in your life tend to tell you what you want to hear, our career coach will be honest and tell you what you need to hear to make your career goals a reality.


When it comes to securing the best position possible, today’s job market is extremely competitive. With such a large talent pool to draw from today, it is extremely important that you are able to set yourself apart from all the competitors and we can help you with getting that competitive edge.

ResumeYourWay coaching relationship grants you the ability to relax a bit!

At ResumeYourWay Career coaching is a discipline comprised of two similar but distinct tracks: coaching and counseling. The goal is to support our clients in making informed decisions about their career development and trajectory, as well as offer various tools that they can use resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and more to meet those goals.


The job search can create a fair amount of anxiety, fear and vulnerability in people, and we often work with clients to unwrap those emotions so they can better understand how these factors may be keeping them stuck in their careers.

Our elite career coaching experts not only will save you time on job hunting process but will educate you on your market progression and will give you realistic insights on where you stand in compare to your competitors so you become more self-aware and to know your road blocks/challenges and how to get through them.


Why ResumeYourWay Can Help?

Our career coaching experts at ResumeYourWay are skilled professionals with experience in hiring, recruiting, HR, public relations and more. All of our career experts have held or currently hold an executive position at fortune 500 companies and are industry leaders from nearly every sector. Our certified career coaches have identified the optimum strategies to target the right market and command the highest compensation values. We will help you identify habits that are holding you back from success. Then, we’ll coach you on the actions you should take to learn new, better ways to accomplish your goals. We guaranty to expand your skills and help you overcome the fierce competition in your job market.


The gift of self-confidence is a valuable one. A full One on One course, which identifies desires and options, details job search strategies and hand-holds through the process of applying and interviewing is something that every candidate can benefit from.



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