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Cover Letters

The advantages of a well-written Cover Letter

  • It conveys a very good first impression.

  • It may stop your mail from being binned or deleted.

  • It demonstrates your intention in a succinct manner.

  • Its size and quality reflects upon the sender.

  • It shows that the sender has not mailed flippantly.



Cover letters are particularly important as they set the tone of the entire application process. Writing an effective cover letter doesn’t have to be challenging if a few simple guidelines are taken into consideration beforehand. Knowing what to include, where to included it and how to format the essential information of a cover letter will have a positive impact on any job application. Order your Cover Letter today!


Resume Distribution

By choosing our manual resume distribution service you get a great opportunity to publish your resume on over 10 top job-boards/sites within less than 5 days. Our experts will create online profiles and upload your new resume, filling all additional fields. Upon completion you will receive complete report with links to all profiles and your login details. You will be able to apply to any available job vacancies!


Thank You Letters

Thank you letters are a critical but often overlooked aspect of the job application process. Many people think that if they got the job sending a thank you letter is just a formality, and if they didn’t get the job that it is unnecessary.

This could be no further from the truth, in fact, sending a thank you letter after a successful interview increases an employers perception of you exponentially and increases position in negotiating contracts or salary.

Even if the initial interview is unsuccessful a well written thank you letter may put you next in line should a new position open, or perhaps even get you recommended to a different contact of the initial employer. Regardless of the situation, a good think you letter is a must have for any job applicant.


Personalized Interview Preparation Checklist

Learn everything required to prepare for your interview with the help of the ResumeYourWay certified career consultants. We will customize a checklist for you after our One on one consultation! 

Completing a resume is just one part of successfully gaining employment. In addition to composing a quality resume, every job seeker must also take into consideration the importance of interview preparation. The key to excelling in an interview situation is confidence, and the best way to maximize confidence levels is to feel fully prepared. ResumeYourway will get you there!



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